Approximate wipe date: May 5th 2016th

The official date for the next wipe is expected to be May 5th or whenever the next major patch with a forced wipe comes out.

We had several players and groups request between 2 weeks and 1 month long wipe cycles. Initially I felt it best with the low pop to go for a 2 week cycle however its become apparent that someone always gets the short end of the stick on a 2 week cycle right now.

With the monthly wipe it will allow enough time for players who are playing from behind to catch up and hold their own against the players with more time on the server. In the future all wipe dates will be announced as early as possible to avoid catching anyone off guard.

If you have something you’d like to contribute to the conversation I would encourage you to use the forums to communicate your point of view and provide feedback.


Regards, Rorschach

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  1. I’m in support for a monthly official wipe (which I believe is every first Thursday of the month), as someone, somewhere on the server will always be behind and as you said gives us a chance to build. It also erases the feeling of never getting anywhere in 2 weeks.

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