Ask Riot: Butcher’s bridge, Champ select trolls and IP for Chromas


Riot just posted a Q and A answering three major questions from the community. The first was about what Riot will do about champ select trolls, the second was if and when IP sales for chromas will return, and last was what the heck happened to Butcher’s bridge.

Champion select trolls

Starting with Champ select trolls I think Riot is doing the best they can to appease concerns the community has without going Hitlarian on everyone. Riot has valid concerns about abuse of a system that would allow players to opt out or kick other players form champ select that they deem “trolls”. The problem is the word “Troll” is tossed around too frequently to consider such a system reliable. Riot may make a lot of decisions I don’t like but they arent stupid.

Instead Riot is opting for a system that lets you submit the reasons that you left to help Riot address the issue better in the long run.

Chromas IP sales

Exact dates have not been locked in for the IP sales but expect the first one for 2017 to start this Spring. Riot is still committed to bi-annual Chroma sales and the only reason there was only one last year was because they started late.

Butchers bridge

Lots of players have been asking if and when will Buthcer’s bridge be back? Well it looks like it wont be soon but it will come back. Turns out it takes a lot more work than just an asset swap (replacing a few map files) to get it working. Because of this, Riot has chosen to focus on other more pressing matters such as the practice tool. I agree with this decision because I would rather get things like practice tool out if it meant delaying Butcher’s bridge a bit.

That is all for this post but you can check out Riots full Q & A here.

Make sure to check out the LCS vods and highlights section here.

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