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Practice tool Featured

Practice tool now available!

It is official, Riot’s take on sandbox mode is live and anyone can use it! Check out the update on League of Legends here. Features I wont go into everything here since its been known for a while but controlling everything from level, locking XP, minion spawns, instant cooldowns and health refreshing are available. This means you can practice those…

C9 vs FLY NA LCS 2017 Spring Split

NA LCS 2017 Spring split Week 4 FLY vs C9

Match of the week: C9 vs FLY FlyQuest vs Cloud9 has been one of the most anticipated matches of the Spring split and now were going to get it. FLY surprised most skeptics by skyrocketing to the top of the standings alongside P1 and TSM and just under former friends C9. Now they stand the closest to C9 and have…