League Of Legends

Practice tool Featured

Practice tool now available!

It is official, Riot’s take on sandbox mode is live and anyone can use it! Check out the update on League of Legends here. Features I wont go into everything here since its been known for a while but controlling everything from level, locking XP, minion spawns, instant cooldowns and health refreshing are available. This means you can practice those…

ARURF Featured

ARURF coming to PBE

Just after patch 7.3 was rolled out it looks like we can expect All Random Ultra Rapid Fire (ARURF) game mode in 7.4 or as Riot has stated “Soon ARURF is one of the most popular featured game modes in League of Legends due to its fast paced and dynamic game play. Players have no mana costs, extra mobility, attack…

LoL Patchnotes Featured

LoL Patch 7.3 notes review

LoL patch 7.3 has a heavy focus on competitive play, brings information on the new game mode “The Hunt of the Blood Moon” and finally the “Practice Tool” AKA sandbox mode will be available during this patch. I know its become a meme but that does in fact mean that it is coming soon. Now lets break down the patch!…

Riot-Games Featured

Scarizard to leave Riot Games this week

Riot Scarizard sent out a blog earlier today explaining that he will be leaving Riot games. While it lacks detail Scarizard has cited that the reason he is leaving is because he wants to follow his heart. Read the full blog here where he thanks Rioters and everyone else. Scarizard has worked at Riot games since 2012 as a Balance…

bilgewater Featured

Ask Riot: Butcher’s bridge, Champ select trolls and IP for Chromas

Riot just posted a Q and A answering three major questions from the community. The first was about what Riot will do about champ select trolls, the second was if and when IP sales for chromas will return, and last was what the heck happened to Butcher’s bridge. Champion select trolls Starting with Champ select trolls I think Riot is…

State of Champion update Featured

State of Champion update, what you need to know.

Riot posted a new /dev State of Champion blog covering the last Assassin update and outlining plans for upcoming updates. We will go over the review of the Assassin updates in a separate post. The gist of it is that Riot is mostly satisfied with the results and will be making minor tweaks as needed to balance them out appropriately….

Bot Lane Ziggs Editors picks

Role vs Position

While I am very critical of the weak state of supports and think the concept of supports needs to be reworked if Riot does not want Auto-fill to be a synonym of Support, I think ADC is one of the most misunderstood roles in the game. Worse yet in my experience I find ADC players are just as misguided on…

Teemo Jungle Devil Meta Editors picks

5 reasons you’re using the league meta wrong

It happens all the time, you come home from a long day at school or work and want to play a wholesome(hah) game of League of Legends when suddenly someone wants to play Teemo mid and you don’t think is that great. Great players usually mind their own business and focus on the strengths of this strange new pick that…

League of Legends Kayle Editors picks

Is calling for reports considered toxic behavior in league?

Short form: Yes, it counts against you more than anyone else. Long form: It’s essentially cry bullying and even if you successfully got more people to report the player, that would not change the outcome. Lets be clear, you should report a toxic player because they will get punished if they continue their behavior. However, 9 reports in one game…

Hunt of the Blood Moon Featured

Hunt of the Blood Moon game mode coming to PBE, what is it?

Hunt of the Blood Moon is clearly designed for high action game play. Riot is making sure of this by only allowing you to play from a limited pool of champions. The game mode will be all about assassinating opponents to earn the favor of a demon.  The game mode will be a 5v5 blind pick on Summoner’s Rift but…