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Upcoming Mock Overwatch Tournament

Hi everyone, Khaotix Gaming wants to host a mock Overwatch tournament to test out a 3v3 double elimination format. If you are interested stay tuned for more information. The reason for the mock tournament is to try and get a feel for the best format possible, to test if there are enough people interested and work out any logistical issues…

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HEY YOU! Yes I am talking to you. I want your suggestions. We get over 10k hits a month and want to know what your looking for from a gaming community. Are you interested in game discussion? game servers? voice servers? people to hang out with? Leave a comment below with your thoughts if you see this!

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Server IP updated

Hi everyone, quick notice that our server IP has been updated so if you are having trouble connecting to teamspeak through “” or “” you can always input our exact ip in TS and that should get you right in there    

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Early update!

Hi guys since the new patch is already out we have updated and wiped today. This means you will need to update your clients if you have not already and then you’ll be able to get on. This update includes a lot of bug fixes although not too much new content. We have also updated to a new map seed…

server-update-khaotix News Flash

Server hardware updates

Hi everyone, the Rust and TS servers will be temporarily down due to some hardware upgrades and software updates. When the process is done everything will be re-enabled.  In the future we will notify everyone in TS in advance as requested by some of you for your convenience.

Aprox Server wipe date: May 20th 2016

Hi all, the expected wipe date for the server will be may 20th. We will be wiping everything to give players a fresh and fair start. For those of you new to rust wipes are standard procedure, the longest they take are 1 month but often 2 weeks are used as the wipe cycle to keep things from getting stale….

Server Downtime

Update: The server is back up Hi guys the server will be down today for a bit while we fix some technical issues. Check back here for updates!

Server updates!

Update: The servers been updated. If you notice any new bugs, just report them here.   Hi everyone, the servers will be going down today around 4pm EST. There is a major update which will be forced on both servers and we will do our best to have the update finished within the hour. During this period please be patient….