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Early update!

Hi guys since the new patch is already out we have updated and wiped today. This means you will need to update your clients if you have not already and then you’ll be able to get on. This update includes a lot of bug fixes although not too much new content. We have also updated to a new map seed…

Server updates!

Update: The servers been updated. If you notice any new bugs, just report them here.   Hi everyone, the servers will be going down today around 4pm EST. There is a major update which will be forced on both servers and we will do our best to have the update finished within the hour. During this period please be patient….

Approximate wipe date: May 5th 2016th

The official date for the next wipe is expected to be May 5th or whenever the next major patch with a forced wipe comes out. We had several players and groups request between 2 weeks and 1 month long wipe cycles. Initially I felt it best with the low pop to go for a 2 week cycle however its become…

New website, new information

Hi Khaotix! Welcome to our new website, we have revamped it with a more modern and straight forward feel to make it easier on the eyes. You will have to register again but I think you’ll find the website is much easier to navigate and use. The forums for example are very clean and straight forward for new users while…