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I am looking for volunteers for Khaotix Gaming. As I continue to update and optimize the site for our visitors, I am also looking to expand to other areas and games. Since all this work cant be done by one person, I am looking for people from the community that are passionate about eSports and gaming. If this sounds like you, then keep reading. The aproximate time commitment is 4-12 hours a week. You can also work extra on your own but  I am not forcing any volunteers to do more than that.

Currently we are looking for Content Creators and Contributors.

Contributors and Creators work from home on their own time. You can be given any task from posting LCS matches several times a week and writing spoilers/descriptions to creating original content such as reviews, guides and news flashes.

If you are still interested, click the login button above, go to register and after you are set up, leave post below. You can post any questions you have below as well.

If you run into any problems signing up (cant post on the forums) or have questions come by the discord here