Every baron steal this week & what goes in to them

Baron Nashor

Today we have a highlight reel courtesy of our partner of LoL VOD Highlights check out the channel.

These baron steals cover every steal from NA LCS, EU LCS, LCK, LPL, and LMS.

Videos like this would not be possible without the spirit of Saint so at times like this lets remember him.

What goes in to a baron steal? & how do you avoid one?

Despite the meme about Saint above, smite is not actually the single most important factor.  There are tons of abilities that will out damage smite very easily. In my opinion positioning and coordination are the two most underrated factors followed by decision making. Damage is naturally very important which we get in the form of smite and abilities like Kalista rend and Nunu consume.


As for positioning, you must play to create the best zone to lock out the enemy jungler and anyone else coming for a steal. This is so fundamental its just expected of everyone to know what to do here. If you do not, look at your kit and stats and see if you could offer more useful zone pressure somewhere else around the pit.


Coordination is important because you do not want to smite and burst out of sync because you may leave a bigger opening for a steal. Simply typing in a number to burst at that is higher than smite is enough communication in solo queue. 2k for example lets everyone know to burst at 2k health cause you’ll smite then. Of course if your team has no burst be careful with that.

Decision making

Decision making is important too. People not doing damage to baron because they over commit to zoning or vice versa can be disastrous. Never leave your ADC as the sole person left to tank baron. Its always a disaster waiting to happen. ADC players are also responsible for getting the hell out of dodge unless it is absolutely necessary to stay near it. Taking a baron that is 50/50 is more dangerous when you are ahead than when you are behind. In fact id avoid it even if it was 60/40 in that case. When you are ahead the game is already favorable if you discount the baron so why create a scenario left in large part to chance that could easily trow the game.

Taking baron is always a gamble if anyone on the team can contest it. It is just a matter of balancing the desperation with risk. A game that is heavily unfavorable to begin with is one where I may attempt a riskier baron rush. Perhaps usually id wait to see 2-3 enemy champions bottom side before giving the green light for a rush but with the enemy MIA and an enemy team member without TP shows bot lane in a game where we are way behind I may green light the rush anyway. It all depends on context.


To watch highlights from every game of the NA LCS this season check us out here.


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