Hunt of the Blood Moon game mode coming to PBE, what is it?

Hunt of the Blood Moon

Hunt of the Blood Moon is clearly designed for high action game play. Riot is making sure of this by only allowing you to play from a limited pool of champions.

The game mode will be all about assassinating opponents to earn the favor of a demon.  The game mode will be a 5v5 blind pick on Summoner’s Rift but the pool of champions will be limited to the following 20:

  1. Ahri
  2. Akali
  3. Camille
  4. Diana
  5. Ekko
  6. Elise
  7. Evelynn
  8. Fizz
  9. Kassadin
  10. Katarina
  11. Kennen
  12. Kha’Zix
  13. Leblanc
  14. Lee Sin
  15. Pantheon
  16. Rengar
  17. Shaco
  18. Talon
  19. Yasuo
  20. Zed


The first team to 300 points wins and you earn points by sacrificing enemy champions, enemy spirits and demon heralds. Kills will be 5 points, spawning spirits in the jungle will be worth 3 points and demon heralds that spawn in place of dragon and baron will be worth 30.

What is really cool but probably going to be obnoxious to deal with is that in a game where a snowballing assassin is already a nightmare, assassins on killing sprees will get a demonic buff, granting invisibility and mobility until it expires or you hit a target at which point it will deal 20% of their max health as true damage. Keep in mind you only get this buff as long as you have not based during your killing spree so some sustain would be very valuable. Keep in mind there are no minions to heal off of so non sustain picks can still be fine.

There will be up to 8 spirits in the jungle to kill for points towers will remove themselves after a few minutes. They are invulnerable so don’t bother trying.  If you’re still not convinced that this will be a bloody game mode, all defensive items will be removed as to make sure someone is dying.

What blind pick means for this game mode

You know all the stuff you don’t want to play against? Well if its on the list, its invited. The most obvious is Camille. Though I have yet to play her if she is any good expect her in here. This may be the only way they could get Camille any game play to be honest (or blind pick).

Secret OP

Well it won’t be so secret soon but Ekko will probably be great here. He has great mobility and burst damage but can also heal a good amount with his ultimate.

Check out the original post from Riot DefaultChar here.

What do you think is going to be OP in this game mode? Leave a comment below.

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