League of Legends: Patch 7.1 notes review

Patch Notes

Some quick reactions to the 7.1 Patch notes.



Just quality of life changes and a minor buff that is pretty negligable


Have not been playing since her release, all impressions I had implied she was OP so these nerfs seem justified. We will have to see how it effects her on live over the next few weeks


Horrible attempt to buff draven that is going to make sure he is strong always.

His Q now scales off of bonus AD which is useful for weakening an ability early however they negate that by giving it bonus base damage and increasing his late game % gains. Although the % gains on his Q are still based off bonus AD and not total AD we have a situation where Riot just screwed around with some numbers with conflicting logic and as it stands it looks like they may have made Draven too consistently strong. Only time will tell though.

They also reduced late game mana costs on his W which would help him avoid dropping axes and keep him at max potential DPS for longer. The question is does Draven need this? I would argue no, every ADC has strengths and weakness’s. Some are stronger at different times, giving an ADC strength at all times is usually a nono. Overall the buff is not too big but I will be observing Draven more closely from now on to see its effects.


She now gets to stack spears at all times (It would not stack when rend was on cooldown before). She also gets a full mana refund off killing only 1 target. This means that the value of runaan’s on her has gone down and other build routes on her are more viable than before.


Karma gets a nerf to her W as it only ticks 2 times now at the beginning and end of the cast. The extra shield on her Mantra E scales a bit lower than before. These changes are not very significant.


Kennan now deals lower initial damage on his ultimate Slicing Maelstrom upfront as each bolt starts at half the usual damage however success strikes on the same target scale up rather than down. This is great forĀ  killing targets locked in his ult or stunned by him however it makes it much less effective at bursting people without giving them a chance to react.

Lee Sin

Nerfing the bejeezus of Lee. Cant reveal invisible units with his E and his kick damage is significantly lower both early and later in game.


Lucian gets some strength back on his passive and his Q. These changes help him more than you would think in the early game because although Q scales higher now which is normally better late game, Q is also a priority max on Lucian meaning it will have noticeable effects in the early game too.


Poppy received significant nerfs as well with her passive shield lasting a shorter duration reducing her window for good trades and her instant ult damage being cut in half making it less effective for burst damage and therefore reducing her 1v1 strengths.


Significant nerfs to his shield late game, down by 50. These changes however also mean slower scaling after level 2 so that also hurts his lane phase. The move speed changes are not particularly important.


Slower jungle clear. No more bonus damage to monsters from her W Burnout. Her clear was insane.


Random messing around with her abilities. Her Transcendence bonus has been changed so she holds less balls with her W because her stun was obnoxious as hell. The solution however is 20% bonus true damage on W. The base damage has been lowered to compensate which hurts her scaling until she has Transcendence.

Her ult also has higher early cooldown giving you more room to work with against her.


Talon getting some lane phase buffs. Slightly higher mana regen and better healing on kill with Noxian Diplomacy.



Zz’rot still has a horrible name and has smaller windows of opportunity where it can be used efficiently however it is more effective for the duration it is up.



All camps give less exp except raptors. Raptors give more than before. This is being done cause no one wants to fight the raptors early. So now they want you to fight the raptors early. The logic here is astounding.


That’s it for my first quick review of patch notes. Ill try to improve them based on feedback.

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