LoL Patch 7.3 notes review

LoL Patchnotes

LoL patch 7.3 has a heavy focus on competitive play, brings information on the new game mode “The Hunt of the Blood Moon” and finally the “Practice Tool” AKA sandbox mode will be available during this patch. I know its become a meme but that does in fact mean that it is coming soon. Now lets break down the patch!



CamilleCamille is being nerfed across the board… duh. She possibly the strongest champion in the game, having been banned or played in the LCS and solo queue at ridiculous rates. She brings great damage with a surprisingly tanky nature and  to add to it all she also has mobility and CC out the wazoo.

All her abilities have been nerfed. Damage lower, CC duration down, mana costs up, punishment for missing abilities and a less persistent ult after she dies.


Riot is nerfing Daisy to keep Ivern in check because her health regen was allowing him to snowball out of control. She no longer has extra regen and has reduced armor/magic resist all game.


Jayce’s Q, E and R in hammer stance all have slightly reduced damage while E has a slightly higher mana cost.



Well I am not surprised we got this nerf. It is too bad I hardly played this patch because when I did play Kha I felt like a beast. He was an old main of mine when I usedto still be in gold/plat. As you can imagine the nerfs are disappointing but expected. He will still be viable because his burst will be insane however I want to make it clear that his dueling other strong early game picks may be a lot worse than you think. Without getting the jump on someone or having that extra damage, I fear he will be incapable of bursting isolated targets as fast as he could be bursted.  There are lots of valid concerns with Kha’Zix however not compensating him with slightly more tankiness just means he loses most of his dueling potential against other duelists. Kha does slightly less Q damage and isolation reduced Q cooldown slightly.


God I hated her since the days where she could silence you. She has had her early – mid game passive damage reduced to account for her ridiculous snowball potential. In all honesty this hurts tank leblanc the most.


Voidlings spawn slower and have a cooldown between spawns. Suddenly spawning an army of voidlings is a lot harder now and they lose move speed more easily. This really hurts a lot of strengths of Malzahar support but also screws him a bit mid. I think this is going to be devastating for Malz players.


Thank god Rengar no longer has CC immunity after casting empowered roar. His Q dash has been reduced by 25% and his ult duration has been cut down. These changes are justified because he was still considered top tier like Kha and was applying insane pressure for extended periods of time just by ulting.


Her attack speed buff lasts 2 seconds later. Gottem boys.



She got some move and attack speed nerfs. I guess they just felt she was on the strong end. Perhaps it is also to keep her from rising to high with other junglers getting nerfed.


Vlad gained some extra AD to give him an easier lane phase. He also got some of his Q damage front loaded by taking some off his Crimson Rush bonus. Overall a stronger lane phase and more reliable damage mean he could make his way back into the meta.


The mana cost increase wont hurt her too much. Her Q now costs 10 extra mana. On the other hand her plants no longer auto target champions on spawn unless the champion is the closest target or was hit by the ability that created them. This continues to reward great Zyra players for using their abilities efficiently while it punishes sloppy play.

Asides from that, look forward to the new upcoming game mode, Hunt of the Blood Moon as well as the new Practice tool which should both be out this patch!

Exact dates for the blood moon event are stated below.

The Hunt of the Blood Moon looms into rotation from 2/10/17 – 2/14/17 and 2/17/17 – 2/21/17.

Check out the full notes for patch 7.3 here.

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