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C9 vs FLY


Check out the match and highlights here.

This matchup has been a long time coming. Since the start of the 2017 Spring split, four teams have stood out above the rest, fighting neck and neck for the top two spots in the standings. C9, TSM, FLY and P1. While P1 has just barely fallen behind the other three, questions still remain. Will C9 drop any games giving TSM and FLY a shot at first place? If C9 wont drop a game who will pull ahead in second, TSM or FLY? Will P1 be able to catch up?

We might get a better idea of what will happen in the coming weeks based off the last game of week four. C9 plays against FLY in the final match this week. Check the schedule here.

Get hyped

If you don’t know already, the reason this match is such a big deal is that FLY was Cloud9’s B team (challenger team, cloud 10, cloud9 white etc). Even more exciting is that FLY has more original C9 members than C9 does. Lemon, Hai and Balls were part of the original season three roster along with Sneaky who is going to be on the opposing team. Hai who has always been seen as one of the best if not best shot callers in NA is going to be taking on his own team. Very often when we do get matchups between players facing their old teammates it never gets as exciting because the teams are often at different places in the standings. This time though, we are four weeks in and FLY is only 1 game below C9 in the standings.

Direct comparison

So everyone and their support has some kind of predictions for LCS but lets add some stats to the mix. Keep in mind stats can easily be influenced by picks and team play style. Take them with a grain of salt.

FLY vs C9


Impact card

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Balls card

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C9 seems to have the advantage on this one. Impact has been a strong point for C9 since he joined and that has continued into season 7. Statswise Balls objectively falls behind Impact however balls has never had particularly attractive statistics. Its his ability to do the job the team wants him to that matters. Despite that, the stats are too heavily in favor of Impact so I am giving this to C9 1-0.


Moon card

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Contractz card

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Moon is killing it right now. The difference in his performance before and after this season is essentially an inverse before and after meth photo. Moon is off the charts. Contractz the new C9 jungler came in with a lot of hype around his potential (CLG has nothing on him) and man he came through. His team sits in first place with him never dropping a game on Kha’Zix. Both junglers most played and won on picks are Kha’Zix. Moon has fewer games on him but a much higher KDA. Their alternative picks differ greatly though. Moon continues to play assassins like Evelyn and Rengar while Contractz plays Lee and Ivern. The two have different play styles and this is a tough one but I am leaning towards FLY. The stats are slightly skewed because of the different picks but not enough to change my mind. FLY 1-1.


Hai card

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Jensen card

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Jensen is objectively an amazing laner and he has the stats to prove it. Hai is too but when you look at the stats you get a mixed impression when comparing them. My read is that Jensen is individually the better player but Hai is the more valuable teammate. I think Hai has more of an impact for his team than Jensen does.  I’d love to cop out of this one because I can feel my answer triggering someone no matter who I pick but we are already in this so here we go. This one is going to Jensen since this particular step is focused on individual play. I think Hai is the more valuable player but its hard to put a number on his shot calling. That said, I will say that Hai’s DPM is so Hai (tehe) that it kinda shows how much of a beast he is for his team. I don’t buy into the whole Hai’s mechanics are bad thing. C9 2-1.


Altec card

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Sneaky card

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Sneaky has been one of the top ADC’s in NA since he joined the LuL pro scene. Altech was never really
considered the best as he was often overshadowed by older players. This season however Altec has pulled impressive stats putting him first in KDA while sneaky is first in positive gold differential. Individually I think sneaky is the stronger laner but Altecs strength is in his macro play. Unfortunately I think Sneaky is also good at playing around his team and the map. I have to give this one to sneaky making the score C9 3-1.


LemonNation card

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Smoothie card

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Smoothie holds the highest KDA of all supports in NA. Lemon sits in second place for KDA but these numbers mean little as a support since stats for good supports can easily be skewed based off picks. As a support player I focus on macro play because lane phase skill difference is hardly noticeable near the top of the standings.  From what I have seen I  consider Lemon the better support and give this one to FLY 2-3.

Final thoughts and Summary

C9 is probably the stronger team overall and has the edge because of stronger individual lanes and comparable macro play. I think FLY is a notch under them, though I will be rooting for FLY because they are my favorite. If FLY is to win this, I do not think it will all be in macro play, FLY will have to come through during lane phase. This is entirely possible because of the swing junglers bring to the game. Contractz and Jensen are great at their roles but I think Moon + Hai is a deadlier duo than Contractz + Jensen.

Final score

 2-3 Cloud 9

Remember you can watch highlights and full vods of the matches after they are done here!

All stat cards were provided by __keef__.

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