NA LCS 2017 Spring split Week 1 C9 VS TSM

TSM vs C9

The results are in, the match was epic and here are the results:

2-0 C9

You can view the detailed scores for each match here.

Game 1 highlights

Game 2 highlights

What happend?

As much as I love Meteos, the new jungler Contractz stole the show in his first game as rookie. Based on what we saw today Contractz’s timing is on point although he did lose a Baron smite to Svenskeren. Contractz is a carry style jungler and his style shone threw this series.

Jensen brought his A game as well, using the minor advantages Contractz gave him to stay ahead of Bjergsen. Considering that TSM lost Doublelift and brought WildTurtle back who is not seen as hard of a carry as Doublelift, Bjergsen behind was unrecoverable.

Turtle unfortunately was punished in bottom lane against sneaky, though part of that could be blamed on the support matchup. When you have supports like Zyra and Malzahar your not really looking for a slow controlled lane.

C9 performed great across the map, not just within lanes but in their rotations around baron and with cross map ultimates. Sneaky’s unholy amount of hours on Ashe really payed off.

What can TSM do?

Not that much really needs to change for TSM, some of the scenarios they lost out on were very close to begin with and those situations added up to the bigger leads that C9 used to win.

Situations like Svens first mid lane gank in game one where he flashed late and when Bjergsen wasted exhaust when getting solod by Contractz in top lane and Biofrost using Malzahar ult on a Taric in a 4v5 are examples of mistakes that will probably fix themselves after the first week. They are minor mechanical and decision making errors that any good player can review once and not make again.

Final thoughts

Congratz to C9 (See what I did there?) for a great game and win. As a fan I hope they continue to play like this and rectify their team fighting mistakes. TSM honestly had a rough game but I think most of the mistakes they made will probably be rectified early in the split and they will return to their usual selves. I do not think Turtle should be blamed for the loss despite having the rough game because mistakes were across the board.

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