NA LCS 2017 Spring split Week 1 CLG vs TL


The most hyped of the first two matches, this match pulled up to 5 times as many viewers having two well known teams square up. Counter Logic Gaming vs Team Liquid. There were a lot of expectations from fans of both teams. Many people felt that the CLG bot lane would be a lot stronger than others expected having Stixxay and Aphromoo still together and Doublelift out of the LCS scene.

The final score (Spoilers):

2-0 TL

Congrats Team Liquid on the win!

CLG vs TL game 1 highlights (Score):

CLG vs TL game 2 highlights (Score):

What happened?

Game1: CLG had one of the worst early games I had seen in a while with awful fights and teleport useage. They were so uncoordinated to the point they looked completely tilted. There were some respectable plays made that kept them in the game and as the first game progressed it looked like CLG was clawing their way back to equal footing but never quite made it. CLG took a gamble on the Baron that sadly did not pay off and lead to their demise in Game one. TL performed well, though it felt like sloppy mistakes kept them from closing out the game faster

Game2: TL had a much rougher start. CLG pulled way ahead and it looked like it would stay that way. Shout out to Stixxay for some nasty arrows. Honestly all the Ashe players are coming through with some great arrows right now. TL however was not about to throw in the towel. As the game progressed into the late game TL knew they had to have their base on lock down and they did exactly that. CLG was punished every time they forced a fight despite being so far ahead of TL. It was almost sad watching CLG fail to close out such a won game. On the other hand TL’s resilience is something to appreciate.

What can both teams do?

CLG needs to play their late game way better. The team shines in the mid game but fell apart entirely in the late game. With only one match up to observe its hard to tell but CLG will need a more consistent early game before they transition to mid or they will end up clawing their way back up like in game 1 again. Better coordination during a siege is vital if CLG does not want to be ramming their heads into a wall like game 2.

TL honestly had some sloppy plays here and there but its hard to criticize them this time aside from the obvious. Focusing on getting through early game without falling will get them to their excellent late game. Panicking and jumping into Ashe arrows is probably not going to do as the split continues. Though TL played amazing considering how far behind they fell in game 2, this is far from the ideal scenario and TL needs to avoid that as much as possible.

Final thoughts

Both teams played a tense game 2 although the same can not be said for game 1. It was like CLG had just woken up for the first game. I can’t say i’m surprised by Piglet and Matt’s great performance though I was disappointed in Stixxay and Aphromoo. In fairness to everyone really it is the first match of the split for them and they are getting rid of the rust.

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