NA LCS 2017 Spring split Week 1 DIG vs P1

DIG vs P1


Dignitas returns to take on Pheonix1 for a the first series in NA to actually go the full mile and reach 3 games.

Final score

2-1 DIG

DIG VS P1 Game 1 highlights (Score):

DIG VS P1 Game 2 highlights (Score):

DIG VS P1 Game 3 highlights (Score):

What happened?

Game 1 was honestly looking great for P1 until we got to the mid game. I don’t know what it is about mid game but sh*t always hits the fan. Sometimes I feel it has nothing to do with the power spikes, but some teams just totally fall apart between the 22-29 minute mark. Inori played really well this series and was the shining star for P1 but my god was Ssumday a monster on Maokai playing like an unkillable machine in fights.

Game 2 … well you can take the players off of DIG but you cant get the DIG out of your new players. The plays around baron were really where P1 made their comeback. I have to mention that Ssumday was such a beast this series he felt like he was in another league. Keane was fed as hell too but watching Ssumday work does not seem to get boring even when hes not playing a carry. For P1 I don’t know what to say except good job. They came through when it mattered and made some brilliant mid-late game choices. The teleport to bot lane that Zig did was also brilliant.

Game 3 Dignitas came back swinging, proving that their loss was no reason for their fans to worry. Ssumday, Xpecial, Chaser, LOD and Keane all had brilliant moments. Ssumday showing you how far you can push Fiora, Xpecial landing the game closing hook, LOD kiting like a mad man, Keane cutting through P1 like a lawnmower on grass and Chaser beautifully synergizing with his teammates. The last game just got me more hyped to see how DIG will do this season. They could be a top tier team with their new pickups.

What can the teams do now?

I actually think DIG needs to pick up the pace and work on their plays around Baron whether they are defending or taking it. Some of the issues may be communication related but without a doubt they have the talent so time will probably reveal if they adapt and become a top tier team.

P1 put up a great fight but they failed to stop snowballs once they started. I think Inori needs to play the jungle more efficiently because any time I was paying attention to him it felt like he was playing catch up. He did impress with some of his plays around baron though especially when he picked of Keane.

Final thoughts

Chaser is a damn good jungler and Ssumday is probably the best top laner I have seen this week. I really like can’t wait to see DIG play against TSM, C9 and FLY because I am a fan of all three and I think Ssumday will crush all of their top laners.

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