NA LCS 2017 Spring split Week 1 FOX vs IMT



Immortals still maintain high expectations ever since their debut. This time around its difficult to tell if they will come through yet. Echo Fox look like they are ready to fight their way up the ladder but are falling just short.

Final Score

2-1 IMT

FOX vs IMT Game 1 highlights (Score):

FOX vs IMT Game 2 highlights (Score):

FOX vs IMT Game 3 highlights (Score):

What happened?

Game 1 Man that was the most dominant ive seen FOX play in a while. There were some serious hiccups like the Froggen ultimate while hes being destroyed by a very killable Dardoch on Kha’zix and the suicidal positioning FOX had a few times. Akaadian really flex his muscles on Grave too, snowballing and carrying. Throughout the game IMT looked like they were holding on to the trigger too long. They looked like they were constantly just moments from a surprise turn around and though they had a few small ones none were really turned into anything meaningful.

Game 2 if it wasn’t for game 3 this would probably be the most nail biting game of the day. One of the longer and more back and forth games we’ve seen. There were so many instances where FOX looked great. The picks and rotations.  The feeling of watching FOX enter the IMT base and then fail to close out the game was exhilarating. The quick 180 that followed as IMT turned their hold into a win was insane.

Game 3 If I was recommending just one game to watch for the week this might just be it. From my perspective despite more famous teams having all the hype these days this match had me on the edge of my seat. What a game it must have been for IMT and FOX fans alike. I won’t say much more on this. Watch the highlight reel above.

What can the teams do now?

Fox made some progress since yesterday and put up a good fight. The last two games felt too close for comfort for IMT and that has to be on the back of their minds. FOX has to focus on closing out their games. They keep making sloppy plays that stall it out for the enemy team and there is just no room for that in the LCS.

IMT has to take a look at their strategy because all early and mid game it feels like FOX has their number and their only salvation is FOX’s inconsistent late game and seemingly very bad timing.

Final thoughts

FOX made some improvements over yesterday but in the end couldn’t pull through. I believe its in large part to  silly errors that could easily be addressed. A few less minor mistakes and it could have been Echo Fox celebrating tonight. Immortals will have to do something about their early and mid game performance because not all teams will let them get to their late game.

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