NA LCS 2017 Spring split week 1 NV vs FLY


Another great match, especially enjoyable for old school C9 fans. If you didn’t already know 3/5th of the FlyQuest team is OG Cloud 9. Balls, LemonNation and Hai in their original roles paired with Altec (ADC) and Moon (Jungler).

EnVyUs has familiar faces as well like the old legend Alex Ich, Ninja, Apollo, Seraph and Hakuho. Lets jump to the game results and talk about what happened:

The final score (Spoilers!):

2-0 C9– ahem* I mean FLY

NV vs FLY Game 1 results and highlights (Score):

NV vs FLY Game 2 results and highlights (Score):

What happened?

Alright ill admit my bias here before we get started. I have loved the original C9 players since they joined the scene and this love translates to my Fantasy LCS team. Thank you FlyQuest for the points. There were a lot of people expecting FlyQuest to fail and while its too early to call it, I will say that their performance was today was great although it did have some holes they need to patch.

Game 1 started off slow and quickly turned into a snowball for team FLY. Where to start? The mid lane gank taking away Alex’s summoner spells lead to the eventual return gank that he could not escape from being on Oriana. While the early fight was poorly handled by Hai it ended up not mattering since being Corki he was still very safe. Later on we got Hai’s great engage on Ninja at raptors as well the bot lane fight started by Lemons bush camp all working in favor of FLY. The first game really was not pretty for NV. Unfortunately for FLY, NV was not about to give up.

Game 2 was a complete 180 for NV and FLY. NV seemed like a completely different team, coming out and staying ahead early on. Though briefly FLY was ahead because of how strong Graves was, Alex solo killed Hai early and then roamed down where Ninja was baiting Moon while the teams bot lanes were going at it. The distraction and number disadvantage lead to Graves level advantage being nullified and both FLY’s bottom lane and jungler were killed. For a long time the team fights went in favor of NV. Things looked especially grim for FLY when Seraph literally 1v3d during a teamfight, almost killed 2 people, got summoner spells and then escaped. After around the 25 minute marks things the winds changed and though id love to credit Hai for shot calling, it was Balls who came through by simply standing in front of his teammates in teamfights and soaking damage that really pulled FLY through to an eventual victory.

What can both teams do now?

NV performed admirably in game 2. They did however fall behind early in the jungle and threw their late game team fights. This is where their weakness’s seem to be. Even with an advantage they started falling apart in the late game. Coordination and positioning are vital and when your team is positioned to focus the enemy tank but not the priority targets of the enemy team that is usually not optimal. Finding better fights in the late game the way they did early is absolutely necessary to get the big W.

FLY showed us a strong late game in game 2 but struggled early after throwing advantages away. Remaining calm and keeping control while ahead will keep you ahead. Moon fumbling and FLY not properly communicating the risk of Alex’s roam contributed to the uphill battle that was game 2. Improving communication and settling nerves are what FLY needs to focus on in my opinion. Luckily this was the first match of the split and nerves probably won’t be an issue going forward.

Final thoughts

Lets go C9 there I go again, FLY. Today’s match was a promising performance and one that makes me glad I took the gamble on FlyQuest. Hopefully they will continue to deliver. As for NV today’s match should be used to correct mistakes and they should focus on their next game. No one really knew how well FLY would actually perform even with the veterans on the team.

Congrats to FLY on the win.

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