NA LCS 2017 Spring split week 1 P1 vs FOX


P1 vs FOX results are in, the final score was:

2-0 P1

You can view the details and reddit discussion here.

Game 1 highlights

Game 2 highlights

What happened?

After the smack talk from Akaadian Pheonix1 mopped the floor with them. While Echo Fox performed admirably in the early game, especially Akaadian they just could not take leads and snowball them. Pheonix1 destroyed Echo Fox in every team fight. For me the best moments from Fox were always early on.

Final thought

Echo Fox needs to snowball their leads better because they had good starts to their games. Further they need to focus on their team fighting because every team fight seemed to fall apart for them. Pheonix1 has to adjust for their early game, they were outplayed and cheesed repeatedly.

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