NA LCS returns for the 2017 Spring Split!


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Get your dongers out and raise them because the LCS is back on January 20th 3PM PST.

Here’s the Promo from Riot:

There have been roster changes all around. Cloud 9 got their challenger team into the LCS, seeing they are not allowed to hold 2 teams they have been sold and renamed to FlyQuest. The roster stands:

ID Name Role Contract
USA Balls An Le Top Signed
USA Moon Galen Holgate Jungle Signed
USA Hai Hai Lam Mid Signed
Canada Altec Johnny Ru AD Signed
USA LemonNation Daerek Hart Support Signed


ID Name Role Contract
USA bigfatlp Michael Tang Mid Signed
USA Remilia Maria Creveling Support Signed

WildTurtle has returned to TSM as their ADC… or I guess we should be calling it bot lane from now (Thanks Ziggs).

A full list of the preseason roster swaps, results of relegation’s and name changes can be found here for all teams.

Season 7

Going into season 7 we have a ton of stuff to look forward to but for me the most interesting parts beyond the roster changes are the changes to the meta because of the release of Camille, the Steel Shadow and other shifts such as Ziggs in the bottom lane.

When it comes to Ziggs bot, it will be exciting to see who will adopt it into professional play and how teams will work with and around it.


NA LCS Spring Finals weekend is set to be held at the Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver, BC on April 22-23. Details can be found here.

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