P1 vs TSM NA LCS 2017 Spring split Week 3

P1 vs TSM

Phoenix1 face their equal in the standings and long time NA powerhouse Team Solo Mid in week 3 of the 2017 NA LCS Spring split. The winner of this match will help flesh out the standings to reveal which of these teams deserves to be one step closer to the top. Currently there is yet again a 3 way tie between TSM, P1 and FLY who all sit at 4-1 W-L record.  Fans want to know who will rise or fall, and that is what makes these tie breaking games so much more tense. Good luck to both teams.

P1 vs TSM

P1 vs TSM Game 1 and highlights
P1 vs TSM Game 2 and highlights
P1 vs TSM Game 3 and highlights
Final Thoughts

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