Practice tool now available!

Practice tool

It is official, Riot’s take on sandbox mode is live and anyone can use it! Check out the update on League of Legends here.


I wont go into everything here since its been known for a while but controlling everything from level, locking XP, minion spawns, instant cooldowns and health refreshing are available. This means you can practice those flashes and Lee kicks all day.

There are some features missing which would be really appreciated. Firstly a way to practice with friends rather than just bots and dummies, a auto-refreshing charge items like Sigtstone and the ability to still be target able when you fast forward a game. Right now if you have minions in the position you want them in and fast forward they will ignore you and continue on.

Another feature mentioned on reddit that would be sweet is the ability to runes, masteries and champions while in game.

Where is it?

Go to Play>Training>Practice tool

That is it.

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