PTL Canceled – League Of Legends

Prime Time League

An announcement on LoLesports by Tom Magrino, an eSports content lead from Riot games has confirmed that PTL (Prime Time League) will be canceled going forward.

While unfortunate news for the fans of the show, do not fret. The most popular segments from PTL will be returning to you in different forms according to the announcement found here. Most interesting however is that you can expect brand new segments featuring professionals, analysts and other figures that Riot games will pilot this coming split.

The future

The announcement indicates that instead of a load of content on one day a week we will instead get segments, articles and other content throughout the week. This strategy seems brilliant as many people do not have time to watch all of PTL and would rather get the specific segments they are interested in separate anyway.

Some old fashion PTL

In memory of PTL here’s the famous Dyrus haircut video. Remember gamers be careful what you tweet or you may be visited by Dash



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