Riot disqualifies Miami Dade College from the ULoL Championship series

uLoL ruling

This time the culprit is Miami Dade Collge’s Computer Club. The team was found to be using a ringer in place of StoneW0lf for their match against Texas A&M University. This came to light not long after another case was ruled on in the exact same way involving the team from the University of South Carolina. Lets hope this does not become a trend.

StoneW0lf shared his account with another player, “cheisu” who the team tried to illegally substitute in, which A&M did not allow. The minimum punishment in these cases is a 5 competitive months of suspension but seeing as Riot set a clear precedence with their recent ruling against the University of South Carolina, it is unsurprising to learn that the punishment is a little harsher than that.

Following the rules in 2017 LULEveryone from uLoL

The team and all involved players from MDC have been disqualified form the 2017 Campus series and are banned from related events for the remainder of the school year.

  • Yorel

  • K1ting

  • Steve B

  • StoneW0lf

  • Strikedown22

  • iKryptix

  • cheisu

How were the caught?

Though Riot probably doesn’t give full detail on investigations they do sight some of the obvious signs that an every day player can immediately use to detect a ringer were present again. When will people learn? If you are going to cheat, at least be smart about it. This time it had to do with builds, play styles and item slots. These players are giving Riot way too little credit and I’m glad Riot is punishing them fairly.

Do you think these punishments are fair or should they be harsher?

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