Riot disqualifies University of South Carolina from the ULoL Championship series

uLoL ruling

On January 24th 2017, Riot’s League Operation Lead

Considering how young the ULoL series is, its not surprising that someone would try to abuse the system. Riot really made the right choice here bringing down the hammer, making sure that the precedence in these scenarios is clear. It’s important to send a message to teams interested in competing that cheating of any form will not be tolerated.

The player being swapped out for the ringer was the USC League Divison One ADC, Mckenzie. The player he was sharing his account with was Waraight, a player who the team often scrims with though he was not actually on the roster.

The list of players punished includes:

  • Mckenize

  • Galdrick

  • Aarontsc

  • IQ is 201

  • LDS96

  • Thefamilybeast

  • Waraight

They were caught after the Campus Series League reported receiving information on the ringing and investigated before forwarding the information to Riot who also investigated the issue. The ringer was obvious with a change in champion pool and summoner spell slots. Honestly you would probably still get caught anyway but how much more obvious can you make it?


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