State of Champion update, what you need to know.

State of Champion update

Riot posted a new /dev State of Champion blog covering the last Assassin update and outlining plans for upcoming updates. We will go over the review of the Assassin updates in a separate post. The gist of it is that Riot is mostly satisfied with the results and will be making minor tweaks as needed to balance them out appropriately. It is unclear if the blog accounts for patch 7.2 since it was released after the patch but could have been written before it.

Riot also quickly addressed small reworks, stating that they will avoid unnecessary updates for the sake of an update. With the upcoming tank update we can expect overall fewer small reworks.

Tank update

Tanks are the next major class to get an update. The focus will be on divers which Riot is referring to as “Vanguards”. The idea is to make them more interesting and flexible by giving them a higher skill cap. This will not apply to all tanks, not all of them will need to be mechanically challenging or complex.

The two teams focusing on the actual reworks themselves. Team Alpha will be focusing on major updates around Galio who gets less play than a TSM sub and Evelyn who is played way too different than she was intended. Evelyn has been more of a tanky dive pick than an assassin. She will be returned to an assassin focused identity with an in depth lore.

Team Bravo just wrapped up the Warwick rework and has moved on to Urgot. In the blog they discuss the mixed identity of Urgot that previous Rioters have also struggled with figuring out. By design he is a combination of man and machine, living and dead, tank and carry, solo laner and duo laner. His strange identity makes him difficult to rework.

Riot will be breaking his identity down, keeping the parts that make sense and removing the parts that don’t, to bring a us a more cohesive design. It looks like he will be in a much better place by the time they done. Beware the Urgods.

State of Champion summary

Cool shit is coming. Expect a sweet tank update that will raise the potential but also skill cap for many of the engage tanks. Galio will get reworked, Eve will become a true assassin with actual lore that isn’t just a dank and mysterious past, and Urgot will be reworked again. The rest of our review for the State of Champion update will come in parts for each Assassin. The full blog from riot can be found here.

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