Practice tool

Practice tool Featured

Practice tool now available!

It is official, Riot’s take on sandbox mode is live and anyone can use it! Check out the update on League of Legends here. Features I wont go into everything here since its been known for a while but controlling everything from level, locking XP, minion spawns, instant cooldowns and health refreshing are available. This means you can practice those…

LoL Patchnotes Featured

LoL Patch 7.3 notes review

LoL patch 7.3 has a heavy focus on competitive play, brings information on the new game mode “The Hunt of the Blood Moon” and finally the “Practice Tool” AKA sandbox mode will be available during this patch. I know its become a meme but that does in fact mean that it is coming soon. Now lets break down the patch!…

Sandbox Mode League of Legends Featured

SANDBOX MODE?! League of Legends

2016 may have been a disastrous year for some but 2017 is looking up already with the announcement of sandbox mode! Ok well its not being called sandbox mode, instead its “Practice Mode” but that means soon we will be burying another meme. We have been asking for years and they have finally done it. Covering most of the fundamental…