Hunt of the Blood Moon Featured

Hunt of the Blood Moon game mode coming to PBE, what is it?

Hunt of the Blood Moon is clearly designed for high action game play. Riot is making sure of this by only allowing you to play from a limited pool of champions. The game mode will be all about assassinating opponents to earn the favor of a demon.  The game mode will be a 5v5 blind pick on Summoner’s Rift but…

Na-LCS Featured

What to expect from Week 2 of the NA LCS?

Week 2 of the NA LCS starts on the 27th of January, 2 days from now. The opening match will be at 6PM EST, between first place team FlyQuest (2-0) and CLG (1-1). Check out the schedule and standings here. Short form: FLY will go further in proving if they are a top tier team or not TSM vs DIG…

LZ vs KT LCK 2017 Spring split

LCK 2017 Spring split Week 2 LZ vs KT

LongZhu faced KT Rolster. With world class player like Pray, GorillA, and essentially the entire KT Rolster roster with Smeb, Score, Pawn, Deft and Mata you know this is gonna be good. Watch the rest of the LCK:

LoL Patchnotes Featured

League of Legends Patch Notes 7.2 review

Alright lets get right into the patch notes. The first component is about the Warwick update being released soon in this patch. You can find my longer post about the changes here, but in short form he lost very little and gained a lot. The main minus was that his ultimate is not targeted anymore but he has more potential…

SSG vs MVP LCK 2017 Spring split

LCK 2017 Spring split Week 2 SSG vs MVP

Samsung Galaxy face off against MVP in an explosive match (haha get it?).  Both are tied in the standings with a 1-1 record going in so the winner here will establish the lead and be that much closer to first place. Watch the rest of the LCK:

LCS Crowd Featured

NA LCS recap 2017 Spring split Week 1

The first week of the 2017 NA LCS Spring split has wrapped up and we had one hell of a start for the season. The week opened with a classic TSM vs C9, and closed with TL vs C9 FLY. For those of you who don’t know the FLY was C9’s Challenger team that made it to the LCS lead…

Warwick Splash Featured

Warwick champion spotlight released

The Warwick rework spotlight is out and frankly this is some OP stuff. Trading off a little bit of passive sustain and a targeted ultimate he now has increased mobility, two gap closers, damage reduction and a fear. A great trade for Warwick players in my opinion. Warwick Champion Spotlight The potential of his new kit is amazing. Since abilities…