Blood Moon Kalista Splash Featured

Riot just teased a new map skin for the Blood Moon

The Blood Moon skins have been popular since their release. Personally I immediately purchased the Thresh skin cause of that sweet red glow. This year riot is revealing Blood Moon Diana, Twisted Fate, Jhin and Talon. Most exciting is a look at the new map. Check it out in the video below: Normally I do not like a darker tinted…

Baron Nashor Featured

Every baron steal this week & what goes in to them

Today we have a highlight reel courtesy of our partner of LoL VOD Highlights check out the channel. These baron steals cover every steal from NA LCS, EU LCS, LCK, LPL, and LMS. Videos like this would not be possible without the spirit of Saint so at times like this lets remember him. What goes in to a baron steal?…

DIG vs C9 NA LCS 2017 Spring Split

NA LCS 2017 Spring split Week 1 DIG vs C9

Cloud 9 square off against Dignitas in the 2017 North American Spring split. This time we got players swapped in and out with Ray and Impact. There was not enough time to view the match today so there aren’t much notes. Enjoy the highlights though!

Flame eSports

A look at Top lane talent in the NA LCS in 2017

A trend we saw over the last few years was an increase of imported talent into the LCS in North America and the European Union. While sometimes expensive and risky what with all the Visa related mishaps delaying team members from actually being able to play or practice eventually it seems things have settled down and we have less disastrous…

FOX vs IMT eSports

NA LCS 2017 Spring split Week 1 FOX vs IMT

SPOILERS Immortals still maintain high expectations ever since their debut. This time around its difficult to tell if they will come through yet. Echo Fox look like they are ready to fight their way up the ladder but are falling just short. Final Score 2-1 IMT FOX vs IMT Game 1 highlights (Score): FOX vs IMT Game 2 highlights (Score):…

DIG vs P1 eSports

NA LCS 2017 Spring split Week 1 DIG vs P1

SPOILERS! Dignitas returns to take on Pheonix1 for a the first series in NA to actually go the full mile and reach 3 games. Final score 2-1 DIG DIG VS P1 Game 1 highlights (Score): DIG VS P1 Game 2 highlights (Score): DIG VS P1 Game 3 highlights (Score): What happened? Game 1 was honestly looking great for P1 until…

NV vs FLY eSports

NA LCS 2017 Spring split week 1 NV vs FLY

Another great match, especially enjoyable for old school C9 fans. If you didn’t already know 3/5th of the FlyQuest team is OG Cloud 9. Balls, LemonNation and Hai in their original roles paired with Altec (ADC) and Moon (Jungler). EnVyUs has familiar faces as well like the old legend Alex Ich, Ninja, Apollo, Seraph and Hakuho. Lets jump to the…

TSM vs C9 eSports

NA LCS 2017 Spring split Week 1 C9 VS TSM

The results are in, the match was epic and here are the results: 2-0 C9 You can view the detailed scores for each match here. Game 1 highlights Game 2 highlights What happend? As much as I love Meteos, the new jungler Contractz stole the show in his first game as rookie. Based on what we saw today Contractz’s timing…

NA LCS 2017 Featured

NA LCS 2017 Spring split starts today!

Get ready for the 2017 Spring split ladies and gentlemen because its here! While the EU LCS and LCK have already started, NA begins its split today at 6PM EST! GET HYPED NORTH AMERICA!! The schedule can be found here, but ill break down today’s game details for you now. NA LCS Day 1 Game 1:TSM VS C9 While neither…