Week 2 of the 2017 NA LCS Spring split recap

NA LCS 2017

So the second week of the 2017 North American League Championship Series Spring split concluded with the last game determining whether or not there would be a four way tie for first place, or one team would stand above the rest.

First place

As it so happens, one team took first place in the standings above the rest. Congratulations Cloud 9 on a great first 2 weeks remaining undefeated even against TSM.

To be clear, they did drop games during their bo3s but never any series. While C9 looks like the best team right now with a 4-0 in the standings, other teams are lurking closely behind. TSM, P1 and FLY all sit at 3-1. All it takes is 1 bad series from C9 for them to catch up and claim the throne.

Three way tie for second

As mentioned above, 3 teams are tied for second and fans of each are waiting to see who will break away. TSM with the largest fan base and most recognizable name have always made it to the NA finals. P1 a relatively new team has risen like a Phoenix (get it?) in these two weeks. FLY, or as reddit fondly refers to them, Cloud 9 White are a mix of the old C9 roster with Moon and Altec. They exceeded most expectations with their solid all round play only dropping a game yesterday to FOX.

While FLY and P1 are out to prove themselves as new teams, TSM looks to dethrone its rival C9. All these teams have match ups against C9 in week 4 and 5 of the spring split. Currently we are going into week 3.

Echo Fox & Immortals

Both teams sit even at 2-2 in the standings tied for 5th.  Both teams boast great young junglers in Akaadian and Dardoch. Akaadian has gained a lot of hype after holding a ridiculous 100% first blood rate in week 1. Despite Dardoch’s boosted Lee Sin play, he is still considered an amazing jungler.

Then there are the Korean top lane imports which are another great strength for both teams. Now I am not on the bandwagon of importing Koreans just because they are Korean. That said these are some of the best top laners in the world. FOX got their hands on world champion Looper who won the season 4 world championship. Immortals got Flame, a legendary top laner known in Korea for often gaining 100 CS leads on his opponents. FOX also pulled out the very unexpected Camille support and gate dominated with it. Check out gates Camille in the first match between FOX and FLY. Needless to say it’s not surprising that these teams are not far behind the top of the ladder.

The lower half of the standings

The lower half of the standings currently consists of TL, DIG, CLG and NV. While they lag behind the rest, these teams do have the rosters to hold their own against the top half. The patterns that emerge with the lower half of the standings include poor map rotations, objective control and sieging. A mix of these three always leads to the inability to close out games properly. These teams could quickly change their place in the standings with some solid shot calling. If they do not, don’t expect them to move up.

Where to watch the NA LCS and other regions

Want to know where to watch the NA LCS and matches for other regions? Right here!

I started adding highlights originally but now am adding full games as well. You can watch them spoiler free. Regions currently covered are NA, EU, LCK and CBLoL with the LPL to come soon. If you like it, share it!

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